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"Co​me, walk with us a mile, 

stay awhile, and together we'll miss, the great denial..." ©

Like Noah, we are building something in preparation for an upcoming event. Unlike Noah, we have the challenge of uniting people from all types of backgrounds and beliefs. Vineworks was developed to meet the challenge of uniting Storehouse outlets around the world. Over the years we have found that despite the many different religious and social 'standards' imposed on people, there is a core 'standard' that exists deep within virtually all people. We believe this core standard comes from a precious gift living within all people. Some people call this precious gift your conscience, others don't call it anything yet somehow always seem to be found saying and doing the most wonderful things to others...  It's as if this precious gift living inside people has been teaching, leading... even transforming them all through their life!

 In an effort to explain this wonderful phenomena and how it self-governs each individual, never judging them and somehow always leaving room for them to freely choose, we found ourselves doing a lot of reading... After many years of seeking and talking to people we feel that we have got to the bottom of it, and can actually explain this great phenomena with some accuracy.

We too grew up under some mighty religious and social obligations. Standards that we always found sort of empowering when we managed to live up to them, yet defeating we we failed. We strove harder and criticized others who appeared to making our standards harder to attain, but this always came at a price... that price was disunity and love. So we know these other standards don't really work.

There was a man who walked this earth many years ago. Some say he was a prophet others claim he was more. One thing remains true about this man... he walked in love and refused to judge people by what he saw or heard. He was seemingly limitless in mercy and grace, and for that seemed to have unusual powers. Who was this man?  He claimed to be the son of God. He claimed that the spirit of God dwelt inside him, and that when he spoke it wasn't him speaking but God inside him speaking directly to ordinary people! This man claimed that he went, did, and spoke at the leading of God inside him. Interestingly, many of the people walking the earth today who claim to be just like this man, are going through life while trying to uphold many 'other' standards. These other standards cause them to be elevated when they succeed in them, and judgmental towards others who appear to be hindering their success. Obviously, someone or something has polluted or infiltrated their understanding about how this one man walked many years ago...

Since we believe the one true standard living inside people today is the same one true standard that this one man lived by so beautifully, we thought it seemed right to perhaps restore as much understanding as possible about this gift within people - it's one true standard, and what has been working so hard to complicate an otherwise incredibly simple and beautiful Way of life...

Vineworks is the story and journey of this restoration. Our hope is that it will unify the many people from all walks of life who are setting up their homes and other places as "Storehouse Outlets" in preparation for an event that is to come.

The people who are setting up Storehouse Outlets are part of The Storehouse Group, which is made up of independent business owners. Their participation is voluntary. They are temporarily and voluntarily participating in a charity program that puts the onus on the individual and their household, using a relatively un-sancified aspect of their livelihood as a risk-free method of contributing. The end goal of all this charitable giving is to build a 'future-minded system for provision' to be used for a Season and a Time. We playfully call it an "Economic Ark"... 

Come, Walk with us a mile, stay awhile and together we'll miss the Great Denial


Stage II Ministries

"Get ready... That you may be counted worthy

to escape these things..."  Luke 21

Storehouse Outlets


Sovereign Ski Ranches

"Everyone has it within them, 

but not everyone has 

taken it to heart..." ©


Paul evangelized the Corinthians. In his second letter to them he said other 'ministers' had come and preached a different gospel of Jesus, and caused the people to receive a different 'spirit' other than the real Holy Spirit which Paul gave them. Jesus warned that the evolution of this process would lead to nearly-perfect counterfeit Christian experiences. The "Polishing" of this "sword" that Jesus said He came to bring, is why so many Christians will stand before God at the Judgement and be shocked to hear, "away from me you evil doers. I Never knew you". Take heart, this unspeakable and irreversible tragedy is avoidable !


Now Pastors, leaders and Christians alike are being given the insights and understandings to see through it all, and prepare for the Lord's return. So just as Jesus promised, "All things are being restored."

It's Time To Rise And Shine Church!

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