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WhyVineworks Gatherings?

Vineworks is effective because it helps people understand

what to repent/turn from, and what to focus their belief on... 

The simple Scripture-based Vineworks process was born through great adversity and has stood the test of time.  It's a  simple 'denomination-neutral' process that anyone can do. (which makes it perfect for any Christian church to adopt into how they start their services)  Many people are discovering how refreshing it is to be delivered from the spirit masquerading as the spirit of God. 

In this over-complicated world today, power-walking brings us back to the true heart of what it means to "walk as Jesus walked" and the "Joy of the Cross".   Its transformational, liberating, non-religious, and LIFE GIVING!!!   

We celebrate the knowledge of the Glory of the Lord,  and "He is filling the earth with it, as the waters cover the sea"!  Habakkuk 2 KJV

Are you among the millions of people out there who have know all along that something is wrong in the church, but could never really put your finger on it?  Do you have deeper questions but feel afraid to ask them in church?  Then look no further, simply join us and take what you find back to your church family for mutual edification!

"Come, walk with us a mile, stay awhile, and together

we'll miss the great denial..." ©



Based on Isaiah 30:7,15

“Generally what to Expect at a Vineworks Gathering…”


There’s usually upbeat music playing, sometimes a little on the loud side. Some may find it a bit offensive at first, but it’s there to make new people feel welcome and to create a greater contrast between how it feels to be in the vine of the world and the True Vine of Christ. 

1-We Begin:

Music stops. Warfare/overcoming by the blood of the Lamb and some bold proclamations. People wrestle themselves into stillness and silence, while turning their hearts to the Cross, the blood of the Lamb, and the gift placed in all of us. 

Everyone reads The Prayer of Repentance:

Heavenly Father, Lord Jesus of Nazareth,

I have been speaking on my own to gain honor for myself.  I have said and done on my own as I see fit, according to what makes sense to me. I see this same behavior in those around me and I ask you to release me from the “Furnace of Affliction” you created. Please release me from the “Worthless idol shepherd” you raised up. Lord, deliver me completely from the “Magic wine” and “Potent magic spells” of the spiritual principality of Babylon – and draw near to me Lord. 

All day long, things come out of my heart and mouth, some of which are judgmental and harsh against others, and not of your way Lord. Please release me from having to reap this back, as I have been sowing to others. I lay my will and life down to follow you Lord; I surrender anything I may have set up against you within me. I lay all my plans and desires at your feet. It’s not about hearing from you Lord, it’s about drawing near to you. So please draw near to me, as I seek to draw near to you. I would rather be led by your Spirit in what to say and do, than my own spirit. Help me to Love you Lord with all that I am, and not mock your command to love you with my idolatries.

Thank you Lord, Praise you Lord, thank you Heavenly Father…

2-We Press In By Applying Isaiah 30:7, 15.

“… therefore have I creid concerning this, Their strength is to sit still. For thus saith the Lord God, the Holy One of Israel; In returning and rest shall ye be saved; in quietness and in confidence shall be your strength…”

So, we sit in silence until the busyness of our mind stops, and we are able to hold our focus entirely upon believing the gift of glory in us all, the Cross and blood. We do this until the indescribable gift in us becomes the most important treasure in our hearts, letting go of all worries and wants - like the parable of the precious treasure the man found in the field.

* It is to let the spiritual powers from the kingdoms of this world dissipate out of us. This is what God said in Isaiah that He has determined us to do, and we enter into his rest, His vine and His power this way. This produces stillness of mind, and enables us to focus stead-fast on the cross, and our understanding of the greatest treasure in our hearts.

It takes some longer than others to get here… it usually is a fight for many to ‘shut themselves up’. It’s a bit like re-enacting the Day of Pentecost in that we wait for His rise in power in us. We don’t summon a spirit to come, we believing the gift is present within us and wait for Him to rise in us.

3-He Rises in us as our hearts ‘return’ - one by one everyone begins to sing the simple little "Ezekiel 28 Song":

"Glory of God in Christ in thee,

Arising now in victory,

Arising now to set us free;

Glory of God in Christ in thee,

Burning up our enemy,

Burning up to set us free;

Glory of God in Christ in thee,

Arising now in victory,

His waves of Glory are moving in me,

His waves of glory wash over me,

His peace has reached my soul...

His peace has reached my soul..."

 - repeat until peace and stillness of heart...

4- Some begin to utter, speak, proclaim and sometimes even sing - by His lead... but  We don’t add to, or build on the ‘quickenings’ others receive, we wait for our own to rise – this is critically important to protect against accidentally fanning a wrong spirit, and also to leave room for others who are newer to step out in their faith too…. It’s meant to be a gentle delicate environment for people to see, hear and obey the Father’s leading in them. 


The History behind the Ezekiel 28 Song:

see Ezekiel 28:11-19 kjv.  

When you read these verses, its obvious God is talking to Satan, even though the lamentation is written to the "king of Tyrus".  Like in other Scriptures, we see that Satan was very highly placed in God's original creation, even being a "covering cherub" who was "full of wisdom and perfect in beauty" and "Walked up and down in the midst of the stones of fire".  Satan was "Perfect in his ways until iniquity was found in him" it says.  Yet, God told Ezekiel to take up the lamentation to the king of Tyrus, not Satan by name. Why would God do this?  

It's a very common thing in Scripture actually. God has kept things hidden for 1000's of years because He knows our nature. When God shows us 1 & 2, and we assume we know 3 & even 4. In this particular case, after reading about what is now history in Ezekiel 26 and then the lamentation to the prince of Tyrus in 28:1-10 concerning visible things, we can run ahead and miss the most obvious things in the next lamentation...  

See, in Ezekiel 28:18,19 kjv God said to Satan, "Thou hast defiled thy sanctuaries by the multitude of thine iniquities, by the iniquity of thy traffick; therefore will I bring forth a fire from the midst of thee, it shall devour thee, and I will bring thee to ashes upon the earth in the sight of all them that behold theeAll they that know thee among the people shall be astonished at thee: thou shalt be a terror, and never shalt thou be any more."

Yet if we do some historical research, the ancient island city of Tyre/Tyrus did not have "sanctuaries", and it was not "devoured by fire from the midst of it", it was destroyed by Alexander's stone throwers etc. So God did not "bring the city of Tyre to ashes upon the earth in the sight of all them that behold thee" as it says in Ezekiel... 

So what is God up to here?  Is Ezekiel 28 literally about an ancient island city of worldwide commercial trade, or is there a pearl here?

It takes pages to explain this but for now, it is about God "rising up as fire within people" to burn to ashes all that Satan has set up in them, so that God can give them the beauty and simplicity of the original Gospel.  

If you can imagine this happening in the middle of a large church service with 2/3's of the people being those who "behold" the counterfeit christian spirit, then you can see that God could, "bring to ashes upon the earth in the sight of all them that behold thee" - meaning the True Bride will rejoice with great joy while the foolish bride will stare in shock and face their need to admit they have been deceived and need to change camps...

This is what is meant where it says, "They will have neither rot nor branch" once God's Day of Vengeance is fully at hand.

Strong words here....   God doesn't want anyone to fall away, yet many will, it says...

We believe the best plan is to lead by our excellent example and love each other. People don't need to know all this, they just need to come and sing the Ezekiel 28 song and let it happen.

But this has been written for the purposes of starting or ministry, declares the Lord.

“Come, walk with us a mile, stay awhile, and together we’ll miss the great denial…”

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