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God Foreshadowed 'this' Deliverance of His People!

The last time God delivered people out of a 'Babylon', was about 2,500 years ago when He called King Cyrus to the task. On Cyrus' way to Babylon, the waters of the Gyndes river swept away and drowned his favorite white battle horse. The Bible says that God's hand was on Cyrus, so when Cyrus became furious and had his men spend the summer digging 360 canals to divert the flow of that river, we believe it was a prophetic foreshadowing. There are 360 days in the Jewish calendar year, so we believe God was showing that it would take a 'daily intentional effort' for God's people to "Come out of Babylon" as it says in Revelation 18, and that this 'exodus' is tied to the days of the buying and selling implant.


If you have read Isaiah 47 kjv, you know that this Babylon today is the queen spiritual principality, not a city. She says, "No one sees me" and arrogantly calls herself  "I am".  And in Revelation 18 it says "in her was found the blood of prophets and saints, and all those who have been slain on the earth" - so 'she' couldn't be a tangible city, because blood has been shed in 100's of cities.  


The fact that the white horse was swept away and drown is also symbolic of how God  TEMPORARILY enabled satan to "Make war against the saints" and "overcome the saints" as it says in the Revelation - or more specifically, 'drown' the Name and Scepter of Judah, as it says in Jeremiah. But, it says the Ancient of Days comes and judges her, taking her 'dominion' away from the "Leopard/Bear/Lion beast so Satan can't work through this worldwide spiritual principality anymore.  Now, with only the people who are beholden of him, Satan continues his madness until Jesus returns after "a season and a time" and binds him for the 1000 years.  Which means this 'Babylon' will experience the "loss of children" and "widowhood" just as the Scriptures promised. 


As we are explaining from the Scriptures, God made this 'Babylon' to "surround" Satan, which enabled him to 'temporarily' become as Paul said, 'the god of this world' or 'prince of the power of the air'.   Through her, this one fallen angel was given the ability to have an omni-present type effect on humanity, as he masqueraded as the spirit of God to people around the world.  For centuries, he has made war against Christianity through gospels that 'he' designed to keep people in the dark as to our need to work at believing in the reality of  'who and what' is already alive inside each one of us.  Namely, the Glory of God in the spirit of Christ, which the Real God places in all people as they come into this world, according to John 1:9 KJV.   This has kept millions in a state of being an 'unbelieving believer'.  This is what Paul called, "the secret power of lawlessness" that was already at work in Paul's day, blinding people of this exceedingly good news present equally in all people.


According to Habakkuk 2, Satan thought he could escape his ruination by deceiving all people into believing and embracing 'his spirit' is God's.  As stupid as that sounds, its been working very well for him, because when people don't know or are blinded by this darkness as to this "Deposit of Glory in them", they aren't able to walk around empowering it through their belief - which means people have been unknowingly and unintentionally missing out!  Other folks however, have loved this darkness and prospered while it had a hold of the world for the last 1900+ years.


Vineworks is a bit similar to the network of Alcoholics Anonymous gatherings in that we draw strength from gathering together frequently, but the nature of our gatherings is very different.  In Isaiah 30:7,15 God told humanity how to 'come out of her' saying, “In repentance (turning your heart back to believing He lives inside you and laying your life down to serve Him) and rest is your salvation (deliverance from her), in quietness and trust is your strength (in Him)" but it says that most people "wouldn't have it."  Today, we apply this through a simple series of steps and we 'come out of her' and experience the True peace and power of the Lord, instead of the "magic wine of Babylon" as the Bible describes it.  We do have some resource materials for you to read and some guidelines for our gatherings, but the real reason these gatherings are so effective is because we know "what to repent" of, and "what to focus on believing in".  God promised that if we would do this, He would be faithful to deliver us from this 'sword' that Jesus said He came to bring. 


At first glance, some pastors and church leaders assume they haven't any need for the Vineworks deliverance gatherings in their church, and we understand that reluctance. Pastors feel protective over their sheep, which is good, and defensive if they feel challenged. There's a lot of pressure on church leaders in our culture because most of the congregation is so busy with life that they blindly trust their leaders instead of studying the Scriptures for themselves. Catholics, Protestants, Jehovah Witness, Mormons - the list is endless really, but almost always this same blind trust exists. This is why the Bible says the leaders will be judged more severely on that Day.  And this is why the leaders should be the first ones to read our material for themselves...



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