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 We have countless testimonies about the Lord delivering christian people from "it", as the Lord worked to prove to us that He is literally in control of "it" like a light switch. Certain human behaviours bring "it" upon us, and when we get our hearts right with the Lord, He removes "it".  And sometimes He just removes "it" because He wants to bless someone, or an entire gathering.  


-"It" being an invisible 'Goliath' today that has people pinned downlike David's brothers were - unable to even talk about 'it'.  

-"It" being the thing that God raised up that God said itsstrength would "double the third time/day" = around the year 2000.  When Jesus said, "On that day many will say to me, Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many wonders inyour name. Then I will tell them plainly, I never knew you, away from Me you evil doers!"........  Jesus was talking about people who delighted in "it" thinking 'it' was God.   


So what is 'it' anyway?  What has the ability to empower Christ-confessing believers to prophesy and do signs andwonders "in Jesus's Name", yet gets them rejected to hell by Christ Jesus Himself?  Well, if they were doing thosethings by the real Holy Spirit then Jesus wouldn't reject them. So they are doing those things by another spiritual power.....  the one nobody wants to talk about, which has "exalted itself above everything that is called God or is worshipped" in nearly all churches today.  "It" is the power that God took away from Bethel Pentecostal church in Ontario that morning. "It" is the thing that was oppressing the worship Team at CI that day.  And "it" has had 26 more years since then, to"double" its power and "polish" it's deception as it says - for God said, "It is appointed to bepolished" - so much so that "even the very elect would be deceived".  Over the years, Vineworks has developed a simple process that assists the Lord in delivering His people from "it".  Eventually, there will be worldwide network of churches that have adopted the Vineworks process as part of what they do to start their services, but also because Vineworks is part of a much bigger plan to build a future-minded system for provision. We all know the buying and selling implant is coming soon, and that "the unrighteous mammon will fail us" as Jesus said, but there is another very important reason to put in place a future-minded system for provision: Charity. When the Lord said He will restore everything, it didn't just meanthe original Gospel, doctrine, Name, and Spirit, it also meant the charity of the first body of believers. You can readabout the "Fine linen" of the Bride right before the Bridegroom comes, and about the extreme charity the first body of believers had, and quickly see the difference today.  It's not 'our' second home, it's the home God made us stewardsover, and He may tell us to sell it to care for other's needs. It's not 'our' church building, its the building God madeus stewards over, and He may tell us to convert a meeting room to bunks for people to sleep... It's not 'our' disposable income, it's the money God has made us stewards over, and He may ask you to redirect it.  The future-minded system for provision is a charity based system, that in the end, enables us to acquire basic human needs right up to and beyond the moment when "the unrighteous mammon fails us, and we are received into our everlasting habitations" as Jesus said.   We have a 300 page book that fully explains all these things. Actually, we need professional help to divide it into3 or 4 smaller books, because the information has become overwhelming for most people.  So, shall we talk about "it", the thing God raised up ?    ("......" means you should be able to find it in an Original Tongues, KJV, NKJ Bible. If you know the Bible warns that deception will increase in the last days, then please void the use of modern translations. Some are beyond terrible.)


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