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It's Time - TO TURN THE HEARTS OF THE CHILDREN TO THEIR FATHERS   2021 Edition (Not Pictured yet)

The majority of the insights & understandings behind the "Mystery of God" and Vineworks are all here.  300+ pages, that should leave your heart beating with joy and relief.  It's shocking, liberating, painful and wonderful all at the same time.  A must-read for anyone attending Vineworks Gatherings!      * If you're unable to purchase online, contact us.

Storehouse Outlets

A Charity Program with a Kick​

Storehouse Outlets can be in homes, churches, community centers, etc.  Storehouse outlets are safe places to find basic human needs, and some of the larger facilities also help with temporary accommodation and employment needs. Storehouse outlets are unique from typical charity outlets, because they also work to restore the current National Debt Crisis.

Here's how it works: The items are all donated and get a sticker showing the approximate retail value. The recipients of the items make a donation as close to the amount of the sticker(s) as they can safely afford. Their donation goes directly a "Debt Servicing and Reduction Account" which each country has set up for the Vineworks/Storehouse Donations.  In Canada, it currently is:

Manager of Financial Services

Public Works and Government Canada

12B1 Place Du Portage, Phase III

11 Laurier Street

Hull, Quebec J8X 4A6

Independent auditors monitor very dollar moving through this system, and their reports remain available to the public online, ensuring the money is in fact going where it's intended.  Donations are used to set up these facilities, which require everything from signage to liability insurance.  Your donations enable us to set up more outlets and are tax deductible through Stage II ministries.

Please contact us about making your home, church or

community center into a Storehouse Outlet today!

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